Saturday, September 12, 2015

Corner Lots

This post is not on one of my usual topics, but it's about something that has bothered me for a long time.

I've lived in all sorts of places from small towns to the inner city and there's one thing I've noticed almost everywhere. People who live on corners seldom pay attention to the side of their house or lot they don't use to enter and exit.

Often the front of the building, house or yard is kept in pristine condition, but the side isn't.

Whether it's graffiti, overgrown or dead plants, plant volunteers pushing up between pavement sections, chipped and peeling paint, tree branches blocking sidewalks, or piles of debris, the part of the property around the corner from the entrance doesn't look nearly as nice as the front.

My own front yard is far from perfect, but I have a feeling the people who keep theirs beautiful simply aren't aware of how the place looks from the side.

And, for some strange reason, that bothers me more than seeing a place that's messy or in not very good condition in the front.

Okay, maybe I'm just crazy.

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