Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FairyTale Town

Next Saturday I'll be giving a presentation at FairyTale Town in Sacramento, CA about one of my books. I'll be one of many authors at the ScholarShare Children's Book Celebration.

I'll be sharing with the kids about one of my books, Slime & All and expect to have a good time doing so.  As a parent, grandparent and former teacher, I love spending time with kids.

But something surprising has happened.

I found out one of the people presenting immediately after me is a distant relative. And I do mean distant.

His name is Andy Domek and I think he's my second cousin's cousin's son-in-law, but I may have missed someone in between.

I have a very complicated group of people who I see at family gatherings and consider them all family, but the relationships are hard to keep straight.

When we got married my husband soon gave up on figuring out who was a second cousin twice removed or a Cousin's cousin's grandchild and coined the term, step-neighbor-in-law, to refer to all of them.

So, besides meeting some wonderful kids and telling them about my book, this weekend I'll get to see one of my step-neighbors-in law at FairyTale-Town.

And that sounds sort of like a fairy tale itself. ;-)


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, I hope this event went well for you and Melissa. I'd love to come up and do it with you if they have it again next year. Thanks for sharing. (Yes, very hard to keep the family straight. We have a whole 'nuther branch in Kansas City.) Thanks much, Penny

Janet Ann Collins said...

Penny, FairyTale Town invited us to do the presentations and I have no idea how they found me or if I'll be invited to do it again. I hope so.