Saturday, October 10, 2015

Corey's Fire

I seldom review YA books, but couldn't resist sharing about this one. Corey's Fire by Lee Wardlaw was originally published about 20 years ago, but newer editions, including an e-book, are available.

Because of all the recent wildfires in California the book is especially relevant today.

A girl named Corey and a boy named Topher were interesting characters to start with, dealing with problems teenagers often have.

But when a huge wildfire destroys nearly everything in the area and they have to cope with the aftermath, problems intensify - a lot.

Not only does this book have believable characters and an exciting plot, it will help readers understand what it has been like for people in the fire areas.

And those who have had to deal with the real fires, reading this book could be healing.

But Corey's Fire is a well written book with a great plot and characters the reader can't help but care about, so it will be a great read for anyone who likes Young Adult books, not just people concerned about fires.


Lee Wardlaw said...

Thank you, Janet, for your kind words about my book. COREY'S FIRE is actually based on my family's experiences when our house and neighborhood were destroyed in a firestorm in Santa Barbara. - Ms. Lee Wardlaw

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thank you, Lee. My post about your book has been shared by others on Facebook so it may help even more people.