Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Baked Potato Boy

This is another book for children that presents a possibly disturbing subject in a way that's not disturbing.

To start with, The Baked Potato Boy seems to be about potatoes, but we soon learn it's actually about a baby who was only the size of a baked potato when he was born.

His name is Eliott and he is is an orphan but he's obviously very cute and lovable and has a happy life.

He survives against the odds and grows into a big boy who enjoys all the things most kids do.

We're left with a warm, cozy feeling after we read his story.

Then, from the information at the end of the book, we learn Elliot lives in Tanzania where there are over a million orphans.

The author, who grew up in an orphanage in the United States herself, works at the one in Tanzania where Eliott lives. She explains something about the language and culture of that country.

All the proceeds from this book go to help support the babies in the orphanage where she now works.

Young kids who read this book or have it read to them will learn to identify with others who live in a different culture and may deal with different problems, but are more similar than different.

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