Saturday, October 17, 2015

Heaven Holds Little Samuel Tippie Toes

There isn't a big market for Heaven Holds Little Samuel Tippie Toes, but it's strongly needed by some kids.

The book is about a little boy with a terminal illness and how his sister copes with his death.

Any child who has, or knows someone who has, a similar condition will find this book inspiring and encouraging.

The author, Arianne Brynn, made Samuel seem real as it portrays his desire to become a firefighter like his father.  He's an enthusiastic and fun little boy who knows he'll be in Heaven eventually.

Samuel does die. He goes to Heaven, and the Christian faith of his family helps his little sister, Gracie, cope with the loss.

In spite of the unpleasant topic of death, the book manages to keep a positive attitude, which is why it should help kids dealing with similar situations.

And Kim Merritt's illustrations help it do that. 

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