Saturday, December 19, 2015


With all the Christmas music everywhere I remembered the song, Toy Land, about childhood. It includes a line saying, "Once you've crossed its borders you can never return again."

At this time of year a lot of us remember Christmases when we were little kids. Of course we can't go back to our childhoods again, but we can certainly enjoy our memories. And, especially for those of us who are parents or grandparents, we can get great pleasure from seeing children enjoy the wonders of the holiday season.

And, I probably shouldn't admit it, but I'm still a kid on the inside in many ways. I often use my imagination, which is probably one reason why I'm a writer. I enjoy reading books for kids and traveling to other worlds and cultures in my mind.

And I hope I never get over enjoying the holidays, especially seeing people I love and giving pleasure to them.

Yes, Christmas is a religious holiday and that's important. But isn't Christianity about love and giving?

I hope I can always enjoy everything about this season with the eyes of a child.

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