Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dog Names

Back in the olden days, when I was a kid, the majority of dogs were named Blackie, Brownie, or Rover. (Since leash laws didn't exist dogs were free to rove around their neighborhoods.)

One mean little scottie dog was named Dewey after a presidential candidate. He (the dog, not the candidate) would chase us, barking ferociously and all the kids on our street were afraid of him. But one day I got fed up with the dog chasing us so I yelled angrily and ran towards him instead of away. The dog yelped, took off running, and never bothered me again.

Today most of the dogs in my neighborhood have human names. For some reason, Molly, Bella, and Buster seem to be the most common. Cookie and Biscuit are also popular. Since we live in gold country one neighbor was creative when she named her dog Clementine.

But there are a few other creative dog names in my neighborhood, such at Tika, Moto, and Shouka. That last one was named after a whale with similar coloring.

My dog is called Suds and I consider that unusual. She's a white poodle/bischon-frise mix with curly white hair. When she's clean (which never lasts long due to the dirt in our yard) her hair looks like soap suds.

If you or your neighbors have dogs, what are the pets' names?


Penelope Cole said...

Hi Jan, Here are my pet names, present and past:
Bear, a shepherd mix. LexieLu, a husky shepherd mix, Ellie Puppy - husky, lab, Samoyed mix, Juneau - Samoyed, Andy - Samoyed mix, Alex - Samoyed, Siku - Samoyed, Nicky - Samoyed
Tinker, Mickey, Kitty, Baby, Dolly, Cooper, Grace, Sam, Mouse, Sam, Missy, Domino
I think that dogs and cats hear their names better when they're two syllables.
Love those puppies and kitties.
Bless them all.

Janet Ann Collins said...

That's quite a few pets!