Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mom, Is There A Santa Claus

When I was a kid and asked my mother if Santa Claus was real, she replied, "Santa Claus is the spirit of Christmas."

This book, by Susan J. Berger, is about a boy named Luke who asks the same question. His mother tells him Santa is the spirit and joy of giving to others at Christmas.

Later Luke experiences that joy by helping a younger boy keep his belief in Santa Claus.

If you've read my own book, Secret Service Saint, you know the real man, Saint Nicholas, did secret good deeds and later became known as Santa Claus.

Both my book and Mom, Is There A Santa Claus help kids understand that Christmas is about giving and helping others, not about being greedy and getting things.

And the baby whose birth is celebrated at Christmas shared the same message with His life.

This book would be great for any kids who are wondering about the reality of Santa Claus.

K.C. Snider's illustrations are perfect for the story. Some of them could be on Christmas cards.

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