Saturday, October 29, 2016

Once, Twice, Thrice

I've always been interested in language, even as a child. Once, Twice, Thrice by Kim Chatel should encourage today's kids to find language interesting, especially our own English language.

The silly book is about the illogical way some English words form a certain pattern when becoming plurals while others don't.

Kids who read this book or hear it read will probably be giggling before they reach the end.

And it may help them get better grades in school, too. It will hold the interest of classes when teachers read it to them.

This book will also be a great bedtime story for parents to read aloud. It shows a loving relationship between a father and his daughter that's emphasized by Kathleen Bullock's illustrations.

While the book is designated for four to six year olds, it might also appeal to children who are a little bit older.

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