Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inexpensive Fun

By now you've probably heard of "staycations," which consist of visiting tourist attractions in your own hometown. Here are some other things families with kids can do for fun that cost little or nothing:
Sleep outside in your own back yard or balcony,
Take turns reading a classic novel aloud to the rest of the family
Have everyone, parents included, dress up in costumes and put on a show in your living room,
Have a sing-a-thon, with or without an instrument or recordings,
Take a picnic to the park,
Play games together,
Create a work of art such as a mural or sculpture,
Cook something delicious from scratch and have a feast.
Several of these things can be done on the same day and guests can be included, but to really enjoy them it's best to involve the whole family.
Have fun!

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