Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Time Travel?

In California, where I live, we’re having a lot of power outages and they make me realize how much we rely on electricity.

I suppose if I were to time travel to the 1800s before people had electricity I could have gotten by, as long as someone else cut and brought in the firewood and milked the cows. I’ve gone camping and, as a kid, I once lived in a cabin with an ice box instead of a refrigerator for a while.

But, what if I were to time travel to hundreds of years ago? I’d have a difficult time fitting in because the English language has changed so much since then, not to mention how people lived.

If I were to go back to around 1000 years ago and landed in the Roman Empire area I couldn’t possibly survive even though I took Latin in High School.

Once a litle girl told me she had figured out the history of the world. She said, “There were Bible times, kings and queen times, long dress times, and now.”

Tech problems or not, I think I prefer to stay in now.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Blogging About Blogging

I started blogging in 2009 when my first book was published because it was supposed to be good publicity and help them sell. 

I was very hesitant and doubted that I would be able to think of anything to say twice a week for very long.

Well, I’ve managed to write posts about words, books, and kids around 500 times and haven’t run out of ideas yet.

Since I share all my blog posts on Facebook I get comments there, but very few on my blog page itself. And none of my books have become best sellers as a result of blogging.

But I enjoy doing it, and will probably continue for a long time.

If you are reading this on Facebook I’d love to have you go over to my blog page, and leave a comment there.