Saturday, August 21, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Last week Virginia Grenier posted a comment on this blog saying she was giving me the Versatile Blogger Award. What an amazing honor! Thank you, Virginia.
Now I'm supposed to mention seven things about myself and, if possible, pass the award on to 15 other newly discovered bloggers. I've been struggling with that last part and will have to contact and list as many other bloggers worthy of recognition as I can in my next post, which will be on Wednesday. While there are lots of helpful blogs out there, I haven't discovered many recently so I may need to cheat a little and either choose fewer than 15 or include some I've been reading for quite a while.
But I can and will mention seven things about myself here.
1. I attended my 50th high school reunion a couple of weeks ago, so that means I'm old.
2. When I was a kid I had such bad asthma I was sometimes hospitalized and put on oxygen.
3. I once climbed Mount Whitney.
4. I can still remember my grandmother, who died when I was two years and three months old.
5. I belong to a big extended family and consider people like my second cousin's cousin and my cousin's cousin's granddaughter to be my relatives.
6. I used to be a freelance feature writer for a newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area.
7. My favorite color is blue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet, CONGRATS on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award! You shared some interesting things about yourself. I've never attended any of my high school reunions. Have a great day!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks, Susanne. This was the first official reunion I'd ever attended. It was great to reconnect with old friends.