Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Song For A Whale

I loved this book!

It’s about Iris, who wants to help a lonely whale hear calls similar to his own and figures out a way to make that happen.

Having worked at California School for the Deaf, raised Deaf foster kids, married a Sign Language interpreter, and had many Deaf friends, I appreciate that the author accurately portrays Iris, who is Deaf.

And, since I’ve always loved animals and been fascinated with how they communicate, there couldn’t be a plot that would interest me more.

After Iris figures out how to make and record sounds similar to those of the whale, her grandmother takes her on a cruise to try to contact the whale.

That’s only a simplified description of the exciting plot.

All the characters seem real, the settings are described so well it feels like the reader is actually there, and I learned a lot from reading this wonderful book.

The author, Lynne Jelly, is a Sign Language interpreter and obviously knows what she has written about.

Song For A Whale is a wonderful book!

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