Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Signs of Trouble

Years ago I worked in a Special Ed class in the Bay Area and sometimes we took the kids to a nearby indoor shopping mall to practice recognizing the words on signs. That’s what inspired me to write Signs of Trouble. The book is about kids with learning disabilities who get separated from their class on a field trip and use what they’ve learned about safety rules and recognizing signs to get reunited with them. 
Of course nobody ever got separated from the real class, but plots need trouble to be interesting.
This book is a good one to share with young kids because it helps them learn how to be safe, recognize important signs, and understand others with learning disabilities. There are lots of educational activities at the end that can be shared in classrooms or by parents who read this book to their children.

Jack Foster’s cute illustrations are fun and he even used his own niece who has a learning disability as the model for one character.

Kids will enjoy this story, if I do say so myself.

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