Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Losers Club

Andrew Clements is a great writer and I’ve enjoyed his other books, but The Losers Club is the best one yet.

It’s about Alec, who loves to read but isn’t doing well in school because he reads instead of studying what he’s supposed to. He has to go to the after school program and DOESN’T want to participate in any of the club activities there, so he starts his own club. He plans to just sit and read without interruption and doesn’t want to be bothered by other kids, so he calls it the Losers Club.

But the club keeps growing, and soon Alec is popular. 

I love that the book mentions lots of good books for kids including many of my own favorites. (Yes, I read books for kids all the time.)

Andrew Clements has taught Middle School and obviously understands kids, but I wonder if Alec, the main character in the book, is based on himself when he was young.

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