Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sister Exchange

Maybe it's because I experienced a bit of sibling rivalry myself, but I often seem to say books I review might be helpful for families dealing with that problem.
Kevin McNamee has written a book specifically for kids dealing with sibling rivalry. It's interesting that the characters' names are the same as those in the dedication, so probably the author is writing from personal experience.
The Sister Exchange is a delightful picture book about Brianna, who wants to trade in her annoying little sister, Julianne, for a better one.
Julianne drives Brianna crazy by following her around and trying to do everything her big sister does. But when the older girl asks her mother if she can exchange her sister, Mom comes up with an amazingly creative way to solve the problem.
The delightful illustrations by Kit Grady do a perfect job of showing what the characters and settings look like.
I think every family with more than one young child would be wise to get this book and read it to their kids often.

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Dixie Phillips said...

Great review, Janet and Kevin.
Cheering really loud here in northern Iowa in the middle of a fierce blizzard for you!