Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thanking Teachers

Several people who left comments about my last post suggested thanking the wonderful teachers they'd had. Please do that. Hearing from past students they'd helped will mean a lot to the teachers.
Mrs. Griffith, the teacher who had taught us the poem I mentioned (and many other things,) is a good example. She had been strict and demanding, but also kind and caring and we all knew she loved us. In fact when we lined up to enter or leave her classroom no child was allowed through the door without a hug. (Yes, that would be illegal today.) We were her second generation of students and she'd taught the parents of some kids in our class.
When I was in my 20s and started working with kids I found her address in the phone book and wrote her a note about how much I appreciated her. More about 15 years after that my mother phoned me and said something I'd written was in the newsletter the school district sent to everyone in the area. It was the letter I'd written, published next to Mrs. Griffith's obituary. The letter I'd sent meant so much to her that she had treasured it for the rest of her life.
So if you remember teachers who helped you a lot and can find contact information, please thank them before it's too late and encourage your kids to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Jan, what a great article. I can fondly remember most of my teachers and most have been positive remembrances. I DID have one teacher in grammar school who did leave an awful impression on me. I was in 2nd grade and she told me I'd never amount to anything because I couldn't cut with a sissors in a straight line! Needless to say, she was an exception compared with the others! Almost all of my teachers knew I loved them and loved learning...even up to a few wonderful professors I had in college, after returning to school in my late 30s! I learned a lot from them--not just course work--but how to be empathatic, compassionate and caring and I've been lucky enough to have the pleasure of letting them know how they helped to shape my life. Granted I know there will always be a bad apple in any profession, but the positive wonderful educators I've had the job of having have far outweighed the one negative one.

Anonymous said...

Great article, Jan! I don't know where I'd be today without the empathy, compassion and caring of several educatators I've been fortunate to have over the years!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Thanks for the comments, Nancy.

Susan Hornbach said...

What a touching thoughtful article Jan. There are so many wonderful teachers out there who are dedicated to their students as if they were their extended family. My children had loving, caring teachers who will remain with them for a lifetime.

Kit said...

So true, They do so much and get no notice. Great one Janet-